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Impact Activities

Details of Hetero-print impact activities will appear in due course

The first phase of Hetero-print has been vitally important to develop a project network, allowing us to introduce the conceptual ideas for creating a smart mass-transfer printing head, and benchmarking the technology development against the state-of-the-art. Hetero-print has clear and unique objectives which go well beyond the existing SOTA; these will be progressed towards exploitation opportunities during the second phase of activities. For more detailed accounts of impact activities and opportunities to engage with this exciting programme, please contact our Impact Champion, Dr Geoff Williams.


Hetero-print Industrial Partners

Hetero-print has the support of a broad span of industrial partners from across the UK chemistry, photonics and engineering sectors, including:

  • Plessey Semiconductors Ltd

  • Cambridge Display Technology Ltd

  • Compound Semiconductor Technologies Global Ltd

  • PragmatIC

  • The Compound Semiconductor Centre

  • Aixtron Ltd

  • pureLiFi Ltd

  • Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd

  • Kaiam Europe Ltd

  • Huawei Technolgies Research and Development (UK) Ltd

  • ST Microelectronics R&D Ltd

  • Centre for Process Innovation Ltd

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